Time for teapigs

The weather is finally starting to brighten up! The trees are blossoming and all the birds are singing merrily, and we can finally say farewell to rain and misery.

To welcome in the Spring in style, I have kindly been sent a delicious array of teas from the lovely people at teapigs! Famous for their ‘tea temples’, their tea is served as whole leaves, herbs and flowers enshrined in a biodegradable mesh pyramid, which allows the tea to float around freely and release all its sumptuous flavours. It’s the perfect way to enjoy loose leaf without the hassle!

With warm, sunny afternoons in mind, I chose four light teas that will compliment perfectly the months ahead. I also have four boxes to give away to one of my lovely readers, so scroll down to enter!


One can never truly judge the quality of a tea brand without trying their basic breakfast. If you can’t get this right, there is little hope. Fortunately, the teapigs english breakfast is superb! It’s malty and rich without bitterness, and makes for the perfect morning cup. I like mine über milky with a hobnob.


Working in an office full of grey drinkers, I brought this in for a team taste-test, much to everybody’s delight! I find the reason people don’t like earl grey usually is because the fragrant bergamot scent can be overpowering. This hybrid tea is a perfect solution, as the musky taste of Darjeeling offsets the perfume.


Jasmine tea always reminds me of my first year at uni, living in halls next to the ‘oriental supermarket’, as it called itself. My friend and I used to drink it when we were feeling hideously hungover. These ‘pearls’ of tea unfurl into whole leaves when placed in water! Most pleasant.


This fruity tea is an olfactory feast. It’s made of actual chunks of fruit, and smells like purple jelly babies. It’s also a great caffeine-free tea for when you’ve had a few too many coffees and you’re getting a bit twitchy. An antioxidant super tea!

Finally, I have four boxes of tea to give away to one of my lovely readers!

If you would like to win them, simply comment on this post with your twitter handle, email address and your favourite thing about Spring!
For an extra entry, you can also follow me on Twitter here.

The giveaway ends on Wednesday 30th April at 6pm, and I’ll email the winner after that time. I’m afraid this giveaway is open to UK residents only, sorry!

In the meantime, you can also get 10% off all teapigs products online with the discount code tiffanyimogen until the end of April. Hooray!

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10 thoughts on “Time for teapigs

  1. What a lovely giveaway. I am such a tea addict! My favourite thing about spring is the greenness of the countryside where I sometimes go walking with a rambling group,, green hills and farmland with lots of sweet little lambs jumping around. I also rather love the mass of red and yellow tulips I have in my garden this year.
    On Twitter I’m @heaven_ali
    Email bookcrossing underscore Ali at Yahoo dot com

  2. the Darjeeling Earl Grey seems interesting, would be like a lighter Russian Caravan but think the Darjeeling would overpower my beloved burgemont (sp?).

    Would enter but is Autumn where I am right now.

  3. Love your post. Tea gets me through the day sometimes. Yesterday my boyfriend burnt his hand on a soldering iron at the same point that I was wrestling with the gubbins of my new sewing machine. Tea was the only solution.

    My twitter handle is @lozh88
    The think I love about Spring is: being able to do aerial silks and slack line outside
    My email is lauren.henry88@gmail.com

  4. Oh tea, the great fuel of all modern work!

    twitter: @csmalldog
    email: ckrwoodland@gmail.com
    Spring: it’s cliche, but I love seeing flowers and trees “wake up” and start to put up new shoots and blooms. It just makes me cheerful (even on the drizzliest day).

  5. My favorite thing about spring is getting out in my garden with my kids and playing in the dirt. nothing better than tilling the land and getting it ready for planting.
    My Twitter is @sammijosho and my email is sammisho06@gmail.com.
    What a fun giveaway! Thanks!

  6. Hello
    This is honestly so kind of you to share your passion for tea with others.
    I absolutely love Teapigs peppermint tea but I have never been brave enough to try any other flavours so I would be really so grateful to win this amazing giveaway.
    My favourite thing about spring is that everything comes to life. I love sitting in the beautiful warm sunshine and being able to smell summer in the air. It’s such a lovely time as the baby Lambs are just being born and everywhere you look there are new flowers sprouting out of the ground. Spring is fantastic as it is a constant reminder of just how incredible our amazing earth is. Everything is cold and dead in the winter yet it grows again and the air warms up. Our world is so amazing and it is nice to be able to appreciate this.
    I also love all the chocolate that comes with Easter and being able to start making iced teas again.
    Thank you so much Tiffany
    You are truly kind
    Warmest spring wishes
    From Katie Brauman
    P.s your Twitter account is Perfect 🙂

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