I have some kind of magical power which enables me to meet celebrities all the time. Perhaps I’m a walking magnetic field and I draw them in by attracting all the coins in their wealthy pockets. I also have absolutely no shame in asking for photos with them, so I thought it might be fun to collect all my celeb photos together and explain how I met them. Best to scroll down and go up – earliest to latest.

I also met Sophie Dahl at a food writing event in Kensington, had an awkward conversation with Simon Amstell on the streets of Edinburgh, said hello to Hugh Dennis and Hugh Bonneville when they came into my work at Waitrose, and been on a quiz show with Bradley Walsh. Splendid!


Emma Thompson
We walked the People’s Climate March together in September.


Ruby Tandoh
My fave GBBO lady. She came into The Guardian when I was working there, just after she wrote an article about feminism and baking.


Ben Whishaw
He won a BAFTA that night! Just as lovely as you’d expect him to be.


Spencer Matthews from Made in Chelsea
Very orange.

969065_10151460953362252_1620820452_n (1)

Francis and Jamie from Made in Chelsea
I’m not going to pretend I don’t watch MIC occasionally. Look how much fun we’re having! Ra ra ra.


Greg Davies
I got invited to the BAFTAs as a plus one for an editor friend! It was amazing and I got rip-roaringly drunk on free champagne.


Lydia Bright
From The Only Way is Essexwhich I SWEAR I don’t really watch but she had a pop-up shop in Bristol, and I bought a dress and had a chat. She was actually not stupid.


Noel Edmonds
We were in the audience for Deal or No Deal! There I am, far left.


Jeremy Wade
My sister works at the BBC so she invited him to my other sister’s Christmas party. Mulled cider all round.


Bob the Cat
AKA A Street Cat Named Bob. I got his autograph, which was a tiny paw print.


David Bradley
Having a cracking time.


Emma Watson
Just after she chopped her hair off. We had a tiny chat about fairtrade fashion.


Daniel Radcliffe
Lovely chap but very short.


Matthew Lewis
He was talking about a football match he was missing.


Mark Williams
Bloody love this photo. Such frolics.


Alan Rickman
He was also at the party. Lovely lovely lovely.


A Weasley twin of sorts
Even if I did know which twin this is, I wouldn’t know his real name. My Dad works for a filming company and was invited to the end of filming wrap party for Harry Potter! And of course, he took me as his plus one… LOVE HIM.


Dermot O’Leary
My sister and I won tickets on Radio 2 to see a private recording of a Coldplay gig! It was fabulous. Dermot was presenting it, and afterwards we saw him in the street.


Stephen Mangan
During an art trip to London, we were wondering around Soho and stumbled upon a little film set. I walked right up to him to chat, much to the dismay of the director whose scene I had obviously ruined.


Paolo Nutini
After we saw him perform at the Brighton Dome, we hung around by the stage door for AGES afterwards until he staggered out drunk and cheerful.


5 thoughts on “Célébrité

  1. I am officially jealous of you for meeting Emma Watson and pretty much all the other HP actors…I’ve only seen them once in one of the HP premieres in London but didn’t get a chance to meet them properly. You’re so lucky! ^^

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